Fundraising for your own group or for another charity is classed as a UBU Event so must be applied for through the UBU Events process.


UBU is allowed to fundraise for other charities as it is part of our constitution, however UBU must be aware of the fundraising.


Charity collections

  • Fundraising and Charity money must be paid into UBU via the finance team.  They will send a cheque to your chosen charity on your behalf.
  • The charity must be registered with the Charitiy Commission and this number given to UBU.
  • You need an approval letter from the Charity
  • Buckets and collection tins must be sealed
  • No collecting from within the student union offices, shop, coffee shop
  • Please ask permission to collect from other areas of the University.
  • Permission must be gained from UBU with agreed items for selling

Food Policy

See UBU Food Policy for details


Things you may do

Here are a few simple ideas to help make your collection a huge success:

  • Make sure that the charity branding can be seen on all collection tins and buckets.
  • Your collection bucket must also display a security seal that can be easily seen and should not be tampered with.
  • Please carry your personal identification and the letter of authority to collect.
  • Hold the bucket at waist height so it is clear to passers-by that you are collecting.
  • Get people’s attention – smiling, eye contact, and enthusiasm are key.  This is easier with individuals and couples than in groups or crowds
  • Don’t be shy - ask for support or say ‘good afternoon or ‘good morning’.
  • Make sure you thank all the people who donate.
  • Leave all of those people who respond 'yes' or 'no' with a favourable impression.
  • Be positive and enjoy yourself – it’ll rub off on those you’re collecting from.
  • Please do not put yourself or others in any danger. In the unlikely event of someone taking your collection bucket please advise the police and the venue where you are collecting.

Things to Avoid

There are things that can leave a bad impression and stop you making the most of the day. So please don't:

  • Pressurise people to donate or ask the same person several times as it is illegal.
  • Open your collection bucket unless you are authorised to do so.
  • Stand too close to other collectors or cause an obstruction.
  • Break the seals on your bucket, this is also illegal.
  • Put label stickers on leather, suede, silk or delicate fabrics as they can leave a mark.
  • Shake your bucket – as nice as jangling money may sound it is not permitted.
  • Put yourself at risk – if someone tries to take the bucket, let them have it.