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During the current coronavirus situation, while the University campus is closed, we are still available for advice, primarily by email. If neccessary, we may be able to call you. We cannot answer the telephone. Do not visit campus.
There are no face-to-face meetings, but please email where you can ask questions of our team of advisers. Messages to this address are confidential, seen only by advisers. They will respond as soon as possible, and may if neccessary also arrange to speak to you by telephone at a pre-determined time. When emailing, it will be helpful if you can include as much information as possible to explain your situaiton. Include relevant letters from, e.g., the University or Student Finance. Always include your UB number. If you are unable to email you may also use this form to book a telephone appointment but note, the system will only find full appointment slots, so you will get a quicker answer if you email your questions.