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Make Library floor 1 a collaborative work space!

by AKIB MEHDI 27 September 2018, 13:59

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As of this academic year floor 1 of the library has changed to a silent study area, this has had a major impact as it was a key area for collaborative study previously where students would help each other academically. This petition is to turn floor 1 of the library into a collaborative work space again.


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    RICHARD OUTRAM   wrote, 05-10-2018 - 22:34

    No thanks. It is far better now. You can finally work in Peace on level one or two without it being like a youth club. There are loads of other places to work collaboratively in the University.

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    AKIB MEHDI   wrote, 05-10-2018 - 23:31

    There is also many places in the university to work in silence. Not everyone prefers silence, there are many of us out there who require peer support, with easy access to the available resources at the library.

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    MOHAMMAD IDREES   wrote, 05-10-2018 - 23:32

    I'm sorry Richard but as you can see due to floor one becoming a silent area less people are coming into the uni library to do work. Working whilst talking is how we work in Bradford uni. Hopefully not but this may have an impact on people's grade at the end of the year. Let floor one be the same again, group study.

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    JAMES TAYLOR   wrote, 07-10-2018 - 14:18

    Anybody pretending that they want this to facilitate “group work” is lying. It was just used as a hang out space for people with zero regard for others working. It is so much better now and is in fact usable. For those wanting to chat, they can use the union, not floor 1 of the library.

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    ALIX JENKINS   wrote, 10-10-2018 - 13:28

    No thanks. In the three years I have been here the first two were awful when trying to work in the library. It was petitioned for a quiet area originally as there was not enough room originally on the 2nd floor. Floor 01 has had brand new equipment provided to better your studies and to be frank, it is quite clear you want the first floor has a doss zone. Everytime I visited the first floor it was like visiting my own local zoo. There was shouting and screaming and it was not structured. We asked for a quiet space and we have it. The majority voted last time. That is how politics work. It has not even been half a year yet. Give it time and you will see the advantages.

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    DAVID TAYLOR   wrote, 10-10-2018 - 21:19

    No way..plenty of group areas elsewhere. It has taken long enough to get sufficient silent area and if this goes forward you have effectively given half the silent space we had away to staff (floor 2). Petition clearly for those that like to study to lid music and party mode. Not for me and not in the library.

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    SUMAYYAH HUSSAIN   wrote, 12-10-2018 - 18:42

    The library is much better now. You can book group study rooms in the library, it's really simple. Having a silent zone on floor 1 is a huge benefit, I've been in much more this semester to the whole of last year. Every time I've been on floor 1 it has been almost full of students, all sat doing work quietly, it makes a much better working environment. For those who want to work as a group, book a group study room. For those who just want to use the library as a hang out zone, go to student central or the atrium.

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    TAAHAA JALAL   wrote, 12-10-2018 - 21:06

    I would just like to point out that back when level 1 was a "collaborative work space", there was so much noise coming from that floor that you could clearly hear it from the floor above which is supposed to be a silent study area, except it wasn't silent as you could hear people raving downstairs which was really distracting and annoying. Allowing floor 1 to be used by students who perhaps do have the intention to study with peers (but in all honesty rarely do anything productive besides producing noise) is a waste of university facilities and also limits students who are serious about working from doing their work. Those that say "there are plenty of other places in the university to work silently" are clearly delusional to the fact that almost every other place in the university where you can supposedly study has no enforcement of silence for studying students.

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    GEORGIA HARRON   wrote, 14-10-2018 - 17:19

    During my first year the whole of floor 1 was so loud you could hear it all the way up to floor 2 and the quite areas. Less people are coming to the library bc they’re clearly not there to work in the first place and it’s not fair on the students that geninely need a quite space to revise ect. There’s plenty of places to hang out and chat around uni whilst doing work (atrium, student hub, lower floors of library) but almost no places to sit in quite. I’ve been at the library a lot this semester and it’s such a better workspace (big areas split up and a silent workspace) with plenty of people finding it an asset to their learning, hope it stays how it is, at least for a while and people give it a chance.

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    JOYCE HEBERDEN   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 12:24

    Nope keep it quiet you can literally go anywhere else on campus to make that much noise. It's a library not a club.

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    MEGAN FULLARD   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 16:26

    Hey guys, there is a counter petition to this happening in order to keep floor 1 of the library a silent space so please do feel free to sign it if you disagree with changing it back.

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    Richard Lyndon Attaway   wrote, 15-10-2018 - 22:27

    I've often found the first floor to be louder than the atrium when it is busy, and as someone with sensitive to noise this is a problem. And as the silent and quiet zones are normal full when I am on campus I have to work with the noise(which is quite difficult) or go of campus

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    LOUISE JOLLY   wrote, 06-11-2018 - 10:14

    I have signed the petition to keep the library as a quiet space. It was a hang out for people, you couldn't work in that kind of noise - it was like a nursery. You could hear it in all of the other silent study areas. If you want to do "group work" as you claim go work in the atrium, book a room or student central!

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    RAFIC SUKAR   wrote, 27-11-2018 - 14:25

    I fully agree, floor 1 was used a social space, not for collaborative study. HOWEVER If you want to a place for 'social studying' IN THE LIBRARY then you are more than welcome to use floor 01/-1 (which has been expanded) or the ground floor - Or as mentioned above book a group study room! Last year floor 1 was like a zoo, impossible for anyone to study in - I DON'T want it to revert back to that. BTW I have signed the counter petition.

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