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by AIQAA ASLAM 27 September 2017, 19:12

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I believe students studying business and law courses are unfortunately unable to really enjoy campus life. Having all lectures and tutorials all the way in the Heaton campus can be isolating. We can travel back to the city campus however we are unable to enjoy having the same experience of moving around different buildings for lectures. Staying at Emm Lane can sometimes get hard for students some have also  commented on how isolated it is. Staff also have to travel to and from both campuses. I would like to suggest if the FOML could integrate some of our lectures at the City campus. This would really allow students to enjoy uni life more rather than see it as a downfall. 


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    RAFIC SUKAR   wrote, 29-10-2017 - 00:29

    From what I have been told at the UBU council meetings, is that sometimes there are too many students for the lecture theaters to handle, in other words students are either having to sit on the floor (and there is photographic evidence to support this claim) or not attending the lectures at all because the students simply cannot get in to the lecture (which should NEVER happen). So all in all, it makes sense to relocate some of the lectures to the larger theaters in the city campus i.e. Horton barn, JSB LT, student central cinema LT, Chesham C4.01 etc, for both the reasons mentioned in the explanation above (which I wholeheartedly agree with, as there are so many restrictions on events can take place in the FoML campus), and of-course to relieve overcrowding. Having said that, The free bus service timetable will need to be adapted accordingly so ALL the students can make it down to the city campus in time.

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