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Samera Shabir - Student Affairs Officer

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UBU Council & Democratically elected leaders

UBU is the University of Bradford's Students' Union — the organisation that represents & supports students. It's a student-led organisation, with a leadership team elected annually from the student body. Every student has a stake in the Students' Union, and we welcome you to get involved in our decision-making process, and to be part of the services and opportunities we provide!

These are campaigning roles as well as being representative.

  • Some of them are in our Council, which decides on our campaigning. They are elected at the start of the year, except the 4 full-time sabbaticals who are elected at the end of the preceding year.
  • Some look after sports clubs and activity groups (societies). They are elected within those clubs.
  • Some are based at course or faculty level, and form the link between students and academics — these are known as "Student Representatives" and are led by "Faculty Representatives". They are elected in the class at the start of its session.

Our official mission is to:

  • inspire and nurture each student
  • maximise their potential
  • enrich their journey
  • sustain our future

And our official objectives, as a charity, are the advancement of education of students at the University, for the public benefit, by:

  • promoting the general interests and welfare of students during their course of study at the University
  • being a recognised and representative channel of communication between students, the University and other bodies
  • providing for the cultural, recreational, sporting, and social development of students
  • providing such facilities as are appropriate and desirable to achieve the above.