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Election Candidates


Candidates for the autumn election have now been approved by the Elections Committee.

This week (5th to 13th October) they should be out there campaigning, and for you to speak to!

They are:

Candidate (alphabetically by name):

Standing for...

Ergini Sofia Delidaki

International Students Officer

Faiz Ilyas

Lay member and also NUS Conference delegate

Freyja Pitchers

Officer for Students with Disabilities

Lucy Sage

Officer for Students with Disabilities

Matthew Bulman

Inclusion Officer

Maud Duplain

Lay member

Megan Henderson

LGBT+ Officer

Mohammed Saqlain  Azad

Lay member

Oluwadamilola Agbabiaka

Lay member

Sarah Hamaway

Women's Officer

Sarah Katsangu

BME Officer

Saram Majid

Lay member

Sravani  Karnam

Lay member

Stanley Mureri

Lay member

Vaishakh Nambiar

Environment & Ethics Officer


They will be joined by the representatives of UBU Activities and UBU Sports, plus three of your Faculty Representatives and the Sabbatical Officers who you elected last spring. Find out more about UBU Council!