24 Hour Gym!!!

by Hamza Ahmed 24 September 2018, 14:44

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24 hour gym

It has been a few years now that students at our univeristy have been asking for Unique gym to open its doors to us for 24 hours a day. 

By signing this petition as students we can put pressure on the university to cater for students by opening up the gym for 24 hours. We all know that students wake up and go to sleep at different times, but the reality is we really need a 24 hour gym as this will clearly show the gym is catering for the needs of ALL students!

As we look around the city of Bradford there is already so much competition against Unique gym. These gyms are more accessible to students than our own university gym, simply because of the opening and closing times! 

This petition is opened to ALL students not just those who already have sports memberships.

Sign this petition so we can put pressure on the university to get OUR gym open for 24 hours a day so we can train whenever we want!


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    MIHAELA PENCHEVA   wrote, 04-10-2018 - 15:21


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    JAMES BUTTERFIELD   wrote, 04-10-2018 - 17:00

    This should be done, having to pay for a gym membership to go to my sport but can’t use it in the day because I’m working all the time or in lectures

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    IVON PENOVA   wrote, 05-10-2018 - 05:17

    First I get an e-mail about the incident near the gym then I get an e-mail about this... 🤣

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    Md Rahim Ullah Bhuiyan   wrote, 06-10-2018 - 23:46

    Unique gym should be 24 hours

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    MOHAMMED RAZA   wrote, 13-10-2018 - 20:59

    hmm if the gym was 24 hours i would go to it unfortunately it isn't hoping after this petition it is

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    XINPING FEI   wrote, 24-10-2018 - 01:27

    Support! Please !

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    Rashid Esa   wrote, 26-10-2018 - 17:04

    Personally, I do not use the gym but yes 24 hours would be beneficial to the students.

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