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Academic Representation

Please note, this page is about Academic Representation ("Student Reps" in each programme and "Faculty Reps" for your whole faculty). For more general Representation on a wide range of topics please see UBU Council.

The Student Voice structure at the University of Bradford ensures that your views, feedback, idea and concerns are represented throughout the University. Through the elected student officers, student representatives and professional staff the Union’s main purpose is to work with the University to better the educational experience of all students. To accomplish this students are able to present their feedback and issues on their student experience from programme level all up to the Universities senior management committees.

Student representation ensures that students' views, ideas and concerns are heard at all levels throughout the University community, influencing university practice and strategic direction.  

Our representation system is made up of hundreds of student leaders, who are elected to represent other students in their programme and within their academic faculty.

A Partnership between the University and Students

The student representation system is jointly supported by both the University and the Students’ Union. Working in partnership both parties are committed to ensuring that an effective and professional approach to engaging students in representation provides positive enhancements to both the student experience and student success. 

What our reps do

Our representatives are tasked to constantly talk to the constituency of students that they represent. They will continuously seek to ask for student opinion on the all aspects of the student experience. Representatives will liaise with university staff to ensure that any negative experiences of the student body are resolved. Because of the nature of partnership between university staff and our student body, most issues are resolved very quickly between student representatives and programme staff. 

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