General Meetings

General Meetings

  • General Meetings are the highest and largest form of meeting in the Union.
  • They approve the Constitution and set the agenda with wide-ranging issues being debated.
  • General Meetings are governed through the by-laws associated with the UBU Constitution.

Submit an idea to a general meeting

Anyone can put an idea to a Council or a General Meeting through a motion.

All paperwork must be sent to the Union Affairs officer at or the Democracy and Campaigns Assistant at a full week before the meetings. Motions must have a proposer and seconder, and fifteen assenters. All must be current UBU students and provide their UB number.


The next General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be in the 2017/18 academic year. We aim to have a calendar of meeting dates available during August 2017.


Annual General Meeting 2017

This took place on 5th May 2017.


General Meeting — February 2017

Watch it here:


General Meeting — November 2016

Watch it here: