Events Booking

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Here at the Students' Union we can help support your event for any registered UBU group.  We are unable to support individual student events, if you wish to hold an event as an individual student please speak to your faculty or if you would like the event in the Ents Mall please speak to the University Bars.

If you want to hold an event, below are details of the information we need to proceed and approve the booking.

What we need

When you complete the form below you'll be sent back an events registration form through OneDrive. On this document you need to fill in all the information which will include details on speakers, food and technical requirements, but you only need to complete the relevant sections. You also need to complete the risk assessment and the budget.

Timeframe for approval

Once the document is completed this will be checked. If all the information is present and correct the event will be approved and we can go forward with supporting you in areas of finance and marketing.  Speaker events require at least 2 weeks notice.

For External Events:

  • No events in an external venue will be approved without an invoice and contract submitted to us. We will then provide a Purchase Order number to the venue. Only when this is completed can the event be approved
  • Please note that some venues, in particular hotels, can have a lead time of up to six months

External Venues

Recently the Students' Union has been made aware of some issues with external venues when it comes to holding events. We also have had some student groups facing additional costs with events held in external venues amongst these being extra technical costs.

If you are looking to hold events off-campus then please come and see us about our approved list of external venues alongside information in regards to the services they can provide and how we can support.