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UBU Council — your student voice, leading what your Union does!

  • UBU Council is for all aspects of student life — it's separate from the module-based academic reps known as "Student Representatives".
  • Council is how we are "student-led" and keep the experience of students at the heart of our representation, support, & campaigning work.
  • It also oversees the work of the elected officers and – together with General Meetings – holds them to account. It's governed by our Constitution (see Governance).
  • It has 24 voting members:
    • 9 councillors without specific portfolio ("lay members")
    • 9 Executive Officers (each with specific responsibilities)
    • Up to 3 representatives from the Faculty Representatives
    • Up to 3 representatives of UBU Sports Assembly
    • Up to 3 representatives of UBU Activities Assembly
  • Also part of Council are these non-voting members:
    • The Chair of Council
    • All 4 full-time Sabbatical Officers


Council meetings

  • Any member of UBU (which automatically includes every current student who has not actively opted out) can attend a Council meeting. Only the elected members  can vote. This is the key difference from General Meetings (including the AGM) at which everyone votes.
  • UBU Council meets at least 3 times per semester.


Submit an idea to Council

Any UBU student can put an idea to Council through a "motion". We are a student-led organisation, and this is the strongest way to put your ideas to the democratic test.

Please note, we are a Charity bound by Charity laws! So to ensure motions are actually achievable and fit within our existing policies, Council Advisory Committee checks motions. If there are concerns about legality or achievability of a motion we will work with you to fine-tune it and make it a realistic proposition. We can try to gather evidence in support of your point, build a team of volunteers (because someone is going to have to carry out the policy!), and arrive at resolutions that UBU can effectively work towards and achieve. Then your motion goes to the meeting to be debated and voted on, after which, if approved, it is our policy for 5 years.

The deadline for submission is a week before each meeting, but to avoid rejection by the Advisory Committee, we urge you to get in touch before that so we have time help you as described above. Motions must have a proposer and seconder, and fifteen "assenters". Assenters are students who want the motion to be discussed, but need not neccessarily agree with the content. All must be current UBU students and provide their UB number.


What does a UBU Council member do?

  • UBU Council members collectively decide the policy of UBU.
  • The primary role is representation — of you, students.
  • They review the activity of the Executive Officers.


Council members for 2019/20 will be elected in October, except the Chair who is elected with the Sabbaticals in spring.

Qasim Saleem   Chair
Megan Henderson   Exec: LGBT
Sarah Katsangu   Exec: BME
Lucy Sage   Exec: Disabilities
Matthew Bulman   Exec: Inclusion
Sarah Hamaway   Exec: Women
Sravani Karnam   Exec: PostGrad
Ergini Sofia Delidaki   Exec: International
Vaishakh Nambiar   Exec: Enviro&Ethics
(Vacant)   Exec: RAG
Maud Duplain   Lay
Faiz Ilyas   Lay
Saram Majid   Lay
Mohammed Saqlain Azad   Lay
Stanley Mureri   Lay
Oluwadamilola Agbabiaka   Lay
(Vacant)   Lay
(Vacant)   Lay
(Vacant)   Lay
Abdullah El-Saadawy   Activities Rep
Chris Delee   Activities Rep
Elina Kaha   Activities Rep
Callum Gorton   Sports Rep
Saima Khan   Sports Rep
Tom Green   Sports Rep
Shabbir Amjad   Faculty Rep
Emmanuel Ale   Faculty Rep
To be confirmed   Faculty Rep
Samera Shabir   Student Affairs sabb
Ayman Malik   Education sabb
Awais Ahmed   Community&Activities sabb
Zain Abdin   Sports&Wellbeing sabb

PROVISIONAL Council timetable for 2019/20

Venues all yet to be confirmed. All meetings will be at 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays unless stated otherwise.

First semester

  1. 20th October, at Council Training, Buckden Hall
  2. 7th November, in Richmond D2
  3. 9th December, in Richmond D2

Second semester

  1. 30th January
  2. Monday 17th February
  3. 19th March
  4. Monday 20th April


Council meeting documents

UBU members are welcome to consult the minutes of previous Council meetings. Please email ubu-counciladvisory@bradford.ac.uk to request these. We plan to make them all available directly online in the future, following our forthcoming website revamp. For now, they are available through Sharepoint for all Council members.