Womens and Campaigns Officer

Shazmin Akhtar

Name: Shazmin Akhtar

Contact Details
E-mail: womens-campaigns-officer@bradford.ac.uk
Phone: 01274 233241
Twitter @UBU_Women

Hi, my name is Shazmin and I am the Women’s and Campaigns officer here at Bradford Students’ Union.  It is my job to ensure that women  are adequately represented on campus, to bring issues that women face to the forefront of the University agenda and to encourage women to participate at all levels.  I also lead and facilitate campaigns. 

If you have any ideas then please do not hesitate to contact me!

I run the Women’s Forum every week on:

  • Thursday 5pm – 7pm – Student Central Board Room  
  • I run the Campaigns Committee every week on:
  • Wednesday 4pm – 5pm Student Central Board Room

I am responsible for:

  • Providing support to women campus and being at the forefront of campaigns to promote the liberation of women. 
  • Facilitating all campaigns on campus. 
  • Supporting the liberation officers on campus. 

Talk to me about:

Women, campaigns, liberation and the revolution.