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Surridge Kit Order form

How to Order your Club Surridge Leisure wear

  • Download the Kit Order Spreadsheet (above) -For pricing please visit Please consider the Courier charge of £5.99 and the £1.50 initials charge per clothing.
  • Ask all members ordering to put all individual cost into the club's private account quoting Surridge kit order (this  can only be done online via your Club's Student Union Sports page. Message Phil Lickley- for more information on this)
  • The Club completes the Order kit Spreadsheet and sends that to Prue Richmond ( to receive an estimated quote, cc’ing in the email.
  • Once you've recieved and are satisfied with the quote, print out both the completed order spreadsheet and the quote.
  • Attach the completed spreadsheet and quote to a completed Sports payment request form,
    • Charging the order to your Private account number.
    • Payable to: Speed Ellis
  • Once it’s approved by Finance, Finance will send Prue a purchase order number.
  • Once we’ve received the order and are satisfied with them, Finance will confirm and process the payment.

If you are unsatisfied with the order you recieved or if you've noticied any discrepancies then report this via email:, within 5 working days of recieveing the order .