Events on UBU website and in our e-mail

Whenever you book an event in through the UBU room bookings system and it's approved it will appear on the events calendar, which will also feed into the weekly e-mail we send to over 10,000 students.

You can, however, expand on this content by sending the following information to

1. Event Title

2. Event Location

3. Event Date

4. Event Start Time

5. Event Finish Time

6. A one sentence description of the event

7. A detailed description of the event

8. A picture of at least 550px width

9. Facebook Link (if available)

Plasma Screens

We can advertise your area on our plasma screens. These include the SubTV system in the Amp Bar and the SubInfo system in the Amp Bar and Sports Bar, plus the plasma screen located currently in the Union Mall, which is due to move.

To include your event on these screens, please send us a pre-made graphic in the following sizes. Please ensure fonts are at least 60pt and there are no more than fifteen wordso n the screen. We reserve the right not to include graphics that do not look suitable on the screens.

1280px x 640px - landscape, 72dpi JPG, RGB (Union Mall plasma)

Bars Floor Plans

When you've finished with events on the Ents Mall please return the furniture to the correct places. You can download floor plans for the spaces below.

Amp and Central Bar

Biko Room and Communal Hall


See below for logos available to use when creating publicity as part of a sport or society. The logo is uploaded below in black but if you would like it in any other colours please e-mail

Usual guidelines apply for the logo: do not stretch, flip, add elements or anything else without permission. If you would like a bespoke logo creating or a graphical tweak to our logo - we can include photos within the logo for instance - then please drop us an e-mail.

Big Screen

A new 96-inch four-screen plasma has been installed in Student Central and is now live! This can now showcase more than our usual static plasma screens including videos, animations and more.

I’ve assembled details below of the media that can be displayed on it plus some potential future developments. Further information will be included here but if you have content that matches the criteria below, or can provide it, please bring it in to Philip Lickley at UBU reception or e-mail a dropbox (or similar) link to


Please provide an image with one of the following specifications:

1920px x 1280px landscape .jpg (72dpi)

1920px x 1280px landscape PowerPoint document saved as a .ppt or .pptx and a .jpg (ensure it is in widescreen format)

Please ensure the font is no smaller than 60pt and don’t display more than around fifteen words of text. Make the font as visual and clear as possible and please include a link for more information (e-mail, website, FB link etc)

Do not send Word, Publisher or other documents. If it was created in these formats please save as a .jpg, or if not a flattened PDF.


Please provide a video in the following formats:

1920px x 1280px .mp4 or .avi

If you are using Adobe Premiere we suggest a format of H.264, codec Vimeo HD 1080p 23.976)

Please do not send links to videos on YouTube or similar or anything in standard definition. Videos to include for standard operation must also make sense if there is no sound (e.g. no dialogue to camera or narration, or if there is subtitles are rendered out on top).

Other content

If you’d like to include any other content as a rule of thumb please send it in HD format of 720 or 1280 in .mp4 or .avi format. If you have a particular requirement see or e-mail Phil to discuss.

Custom content

If you’d like custom content created – whether image or video – please arrange a meeting with Phil. If you’d like something created please get in touch ASAP as there will be less time nearer to freshers.


General Publicity

Do you want further help promoting your area? Then here is a catch-all guide for other opportunities.

Press Releases

To help you write a press release please answer the questions below in written form and send them over to

1. What's the story or event title?

2. What is it?

3. When is it?

4. Why are you running it?

5. Where is it?

6. How can I find out more or get in touch with the organisers?

7. A quote from the organiser about it

8. Any relevant images, posters, photos etc

Social Media Work

We can create a social media campaign for you to help promote your area. Please also send a sample of potential Facebook or Twitter posts in a document to and We advise you plan this at least two weeks ahead of when you need it.

Media Areas

We can help promote your area through our media areas in many ways. Click the links to e-mail.

1) An advert professionally recorded and played out on RamAir.

2) A promotional video made by BSP and displayed on YouTube and our big screen!

3) We can show slides before screenings by the BSC

4) Get an advert or article in our Bradford Student newspaper!

...and finally...

If you have an idea but help isn't covered above come and book a meeting with us. Here are a few of the other things we can help with...


We can display banners in Student Central. If you're creating a graphic make sure it's 3m x 1m (landscape), 300dpi.

Other print

We can also help with and display A3 and A4 posters, flyers, custom booklets and more

Design Work

We can also help with design work, in creating posters, banners, flyers and much more, often for no cost. Please be aware this is time consuming and does depend on staff and student availability, and there will also be paid opportunities available.


The University and UBU work together on an app called 'About UoB'. Why not get a button put on it linking to your idea, or add details to the pocket guide!

Other Facilities and opportunities

We can also record interviews and pieces at RamAir, both on-site, over the phone, Skype or ISDN. We can promote events open to the general public on sites such as Visit Bradford and MyBradford, BCB Radio and through various apps including About UoB.

Poster Policy

Poster Guidelines

  • No posters to be displayed that contradict a UBU motion
  • No posters for external companies not approved by UBU
  • All posters must be stamped
  • If a sport or society are advertising an event held at an external location, these can only be displayed after consultation with the UBU entertainments department
  • Posters can only be displayed on authorised Student Union poster boards (ask UBU reception for list)
  • Posters should not be displayed on the glass windows
  • Posters should conform with the UBU equal opportunities policy and not contain any inflammatory language or inappropriate images
  • The UBU cannot guarantee posters will be removed from notice boards
  • Posters should be no bigger than A3
  • You should not place your poster over another poster, or remove a poster from display unless it has expired
  • Any posters written in a language other than English must have the translation written on the reverse and to be shown at the time of approval

Poster Approval

All posters need to be approved by a sabbatical officer.

Posters can only be stamped at UBU reception with a valid signature.

Poster submitters must: hand over a signed poster; confirm the number of posters to be submitted; sign responsibility to posters; and leave a contact e-mail or phone number