Activities Officer

Aphrodita Darmaid

Name: Aphrodita Darmadi

Contact Details
Phone: 01274 (23) 3254
Twitter @aphroditaaditya

First of all, congratulation for being accepted in University of Bradford, now you have officially become a member of the #TeamBradford family (woo!).  My name is Aphrodita and I am your elected Activities Officer 2016/2017.

 I am responsible for:

  • Societies
  • Media Areas
  • Entertainments

Interesting fact about me:

I love everything aesthetically pleasing. Especially marble and gold.

Talk to me about:

  • Advice to enjoy your times whilst being a member of Team Bradford
  • How to get involved in within the Union
  • How to join societies
  • Create a new society
  • How to join the Media Areas
  • Events that are happening on campus
  • Which act should we bring next for our big events?
  • Your favourite Kanye West’s songs
  • Your favourite Yankee Candle scent